AGS Custom Computers


I am Alan Smith, currently based in Buena Vista, VA.

I build custom computers to your specifications/needs and upgrade existing computers.

~ Services offered ~

Computer Building

I can build computers to any specification, or I can recommend specifications based on the type of work it will be used for.

Computer Upgrades

Often times a slow computer can be dramatically sped up by simply replacing the hard drive with a solid state drive or by replacing the graphics card. These type of upgrades are quick and much cheaper than replacing the whole unit.

About Me

I am a student of Civil Engineering at Virginia Tech, and I love computers.

I have been building computers for Perkins-Orrison (a small engineering firm that I interned at) for about a year now. I am attempting to expand this service to other companies and individuals with a need/want of custom built computers. As a full time, student, my work availability is subject to working around my academic schedule.

Previous Computer Work


5 CAD Workstations for Perkins-Orrison


Countless minor and major upgrades to both personal and professional computers.

Gaming PCs

2 made for friends

Contact Me


Phone: 540-817-7154

Office: 502 Linden Ave, Buena Vista, VA

Work Experience

Undergraduate Research in Structural Engineering at Virginia Tech

Assistant: Spring 2018 - Current

Jobs: I work directly with a PHD student who is researching Low Cycle Fatigue failure in steel structures. My work primarily involves mathlab coding, caculations, and photography in the lab.

Perkins and Orrison (Planning and Surveying)

Intern: Summer 2017 and Winter Break 2017-2018

Jobs: Drainage + Rainfall calculations, SWM and ESC narratives, plan checklists, topo + boundary surveys, construction stakeouts, computer building and repair


Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Graduation: Fall 2018

Major: Civil Engineering (Stuctures)

GPA: 3.95


I can respond to emails and begin ordering parts through email/phone correspondance.

I am free most weekends and all Virginia Tech breaks. If the parts are ordered in advance, I can build and deliver the computer over the weekend or early Monday morning.

Please contact me to find a time that works for both of us.